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Financial Services

The Financial Services department controls the entire financial function within the Swartland Municipality. This includes effective and efficient control in the application of financial sources and assets, the processing of financial statistics and the implementation as well as control of specific matters decided by the Council. This department also provides Information Technology (IT) services to all divisions of Swartland Municipality.

This department oversees:

  • Financial Services: annual budgets, budget control, financial statistics, annual financial statements and expenditure; 
  • Supply Chain Management; 
  • Property Rates, Sewerage and Availabilities;
  • Income/Revenue;
  • Expenditure;
  • Asset and Fleet Management;
  • Credit Control: debt collection, payment arrangements, indigent subsidies, and socio-economic surveys;
  • Information Services: data processing, database management, LAN / WAN network infrastructure, software / applications, hardware and telecommunications.

All service enquiries, requests, applications, reporting and complaints relating to Financial Services should be directed to Swartland Municipality on 022 487 9400 or .

CONTACT DETAILS - Prepaid Electricity Vendors

Riaan Alberts  


Financial Statements and Control

Pieter Swart  


Supply Chain Management

Michael Nolan


Income/Revenue (property rates sewerage and availability charges, sundry debtors, services, e.g. Electricity {pre-paid and conventional}, water, refuse removal, cashiers and vendors)

Arina Beneke  


Assets, Insurance and Fleet Management

Morne Dreyden  

Expenditure (Bank, Creditors, Salaries and VAT)

Preston Sheldon  

Legal and Credit Control (credit control, debt collection, indigent subsidies and socio-economic surveys)

Hilmary Papier  


Budget Office

Susan Cilliers  


Financial Systems Administration