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Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services is responsible for the effective provision and maintenance of the municipal infrastructure. In particular, it oversees:

  • Building Services: maintenance and painting;
  • Cleansing Services: refuse removal, cleaning of streets;
  • Civil Services: sewerage, water, streets, storm water, parks; and
  • Sport facilities.

All service enquiries, requests, applications, reporting and complaints relating to Civil Engineering Services should be directed to Swartland Municipality on 022 487 9400 or .


Louis Zikmann  

Director: Civil Engineering Services


Esias De Jager  

Senior Manager: Solid Waste and Trade Services (Master Planning: Refuse, Sewerage & Water)


John Barlow  

Manager: Civil Operations and Maintenance (Sewerage, Water, Street, Storm Water, Parks, Sport Facilities)

Neville Quickfall

Manager: Building and Structures (Municipal property)


Jonhill Spies  

Manager: Public Services (Planning/Designing: Roads & Streets)