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July 2020

Electrical Engineering Services

This department is responsible for the effective planning, design, construction, operation, safety and maintenance of the following service disciplines:

  • Transmission and distribution of medium and low voltage electricity;
  • Supply of medium and low voltage electricity to industrial, commercial and residential consumers;
  • Street lighting, sports field lighting, area lighting, festive lighting;
  • Auxiliary electricity services, i.e. building installations, radio communication, traffic signals, supply to pump stations, sewage treatment plants, etc.; and
  • Self-help television transmitters (Malmesbury and Moorreesburg).

All service enquiries, requests, applications, reporting and complaints relating to Electrical Engineering Services should be directed to Swartland Municipality on 022 487 9400 or

Note – this division has no control over Eskom-related supply issues.


Matthys (MJ) Swanepoel  Planning and Design


Tom Rossouw  

Maintenance and Construction


Johan Pienaar ICT Management