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September 2017

Swartland Municipality

Notice and Application Form for Rebate on Property Rates (Afrikaans /English). Click here

Vlak 4 waterbeperkings geld vanaf 1 Augustus 2017 in die Swartland. Lees meer.

Level 4 water restrictions to be effective in the Swartland from 1 August 2017. Read more.

For the Xhosa version of the level 4 restrictions, click here.

To access the application form for exemption from the water restrictions, click here for English.  

Vir die aansoekvorm om vrystelling van die waterbeperkings, kliek hier.

Fraud & Corruption:  Familiarise yourself with the Municipality’s Fraud Prevention and Anti-Corruption Strategy, by clicking here.  For information about the rewards for furnishing information regarding fraud and corruption, click here.

Amnestietydperk vir die rapportering van onwettige water- en elektrisiteitsaansluitings. Lees meer.

Amnesty period for the reporting of illegal water and electricity connections. Read more.

Back of Municipal Account. Click here 

Banking details for payment of municipal accounts

For the English copy of notice, click here. Vir die Afrikaanse kopie van die kennisgewing, kliek hier.


Fraudsters, pretending to be municipal officials selling residents either pre-paid electricity meters or energy saving meters, are apparently at work in the Swartland. Please read the


to ensure that you do no fall prey to this scam.

Electrical Notice DEVIATIONS / Elektristeit Kennisgewing Afwykings

Electricity Saving Measures

Reaksie op beweerde onwettige toepassing van eiendomsbelastingwetgewing / Reponse to alleged illegal implementation of property rates legislation - Click here

Na klagtes van die publiek is die standard tariewe vir huishoudelike verbruikers op een bladsy geplaas: Kliek op die volgende link: Tariff Summary for 2016-2017 , Tariff Summary for 2017-2018

Standard tariffs for households users has been placed on one page after complaints from the public: Click the following link: Tariff Summary for 2016-2017 , Tariff Summary for 2017-2018

Welcome to the official website of Swartland Municipality encompassing the Swartland towns of Abbotsdale, Chatsworth, Darling, Kalbaskraal, Koringberg, Malmesbury, Moorreesburg, Riebeek Kasteel, Riebeek West, Riverlands and Yzerfontein.

With our head office and main infrastructure based in Malmesbury – the very heart of the region – Swartland Municipality is no ordinary municipality. We are dedicated to service
excellence and, furthermore, believe in sustainable partnerships with our clients – our ratepayers.

This website contains an abundance of resources at your fingertips. Learn more about our services like water and electricity supply, roads and public amenity maintenance, emergency services and much more provided by our service divisions.

For ratepayers – from tariff information, official documentation, account payment options, or information about building plans – it’s all here! For suppliers, find information about tenders and supply chain. Also be sure to keep an eye on our latest news, events, notices, vacancies and more here.

We promise

Our Client Services Charter which outlines specific delivery standards regarding service delivery, is our promise to satisfy all our clients’ needs. Take time to read through this document – not only does it contain valuable contact information, but explains how you can assist us in upholding our promise through, inter alia, responsible reporting of information.

All enquiries
022 487 9400
Emergency A/H
022 487 9479
Click here for more.
Our promise to
deliver excellent
services to all our
clients. Read more.